6 Tips For A Perfect Marriage Proposal

Whether you started off as high-school sweethearts or found love at a bar, the time has come to take the next step. When it comes to a proposal, you’ve to pay a lot of attention to the finer details. This is something your partner has probably been dreaming of for a long time so you can’t let them down either. Here are some steps you can follow to land that perfect marriage proposal!

The Ring

Before you go shopping for that ring, make sure you have a good idea of her tastes because this is going to be a piece of jewelry that she wears for the rest of her life. The last thing she needs to do is put up a forced smile and have a ring on her finger that she hates. Remember, bigger isn’t always better; perhaps something daintier might be more up her alley. Look at the rings she likes to wear to get a better idea. Also make sure to take one of her regular rings along and note what finger she wears it on to get an idea of the ring size.


Personalization always gets you points. First consider a sentimental location where you and your partner have shared many memories. This is where the proposal will take place. Then decide whether she’ll love a grand gesture, something to do with family and friends or just an intimate moment between the two of you alone.

The Speech

Do not underestimate the nerves that are going to hit you when you pop the question. The elaborate speech you planned? It may just be wiped out in the moment. Instead of writing out a full speech, jot some points down. Include reasons why you love her and how excited you are to start a future with her-then of course, you end it with ‘Will you marry me?’.

The Photographer

The most perfect of moments simply have to be captured or are you really doing it justice? As time goes on and our memory fades, you’ll definitely be grateful that you had someone around to get the whole thing on film. So don’t forget to hire a leading New York City photographer who’ll be able to blend in on-site and get some heartwarming shots of the whole proposal.

The Celebration

How you handle the after-party of the proposal depends on your partner’s personality. Will she rather celebrate over a candlelit dinner for two or is she more family-oriented? If you have a good idea of your partner’s preferences, you’ll be able to pick between the two with ease.

No Rush

You might have planned to pop the question right as the sun sets or as dinner draws to a close, but there’s no need to rush the moment if you feel like the right moment has been reached yet. Also, if your partner is frazzled after a tiring day at work or is coming down with a fever, then the proposal can definitely wait until she’s feeling better.

By following these steps and putting sentimentality above materialistic affairs, you can create the perfect marriage proposal for your loved one!

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