Christmas Elf Ideas for the House Entrance

Many love to decorate their front door for Christmas and you can add a bit of elf magic to this décor as well. You can have beautiful wreaths and playful door décor to bring back the childish innocent joy of Christmas.

One way you can decorate your front door is use elf inspired Christmas wreaths.

In addition to the traditional red and green colours, you can incorporate jungle bells, elf hats, miniature shoes and even a tiny little elf hanging onto the wreath with a few more elves trying to drag him back up. This will put a smile on anyone’s face. And you can find figurines for premium elves and accessories online so that you can select elves that suit your Christmas theme. There are elf door hangers that can be used. This will look like a group of mischievous elves are peeking out of the door or trying to climb onto it. This will be ideal if you have a glass panel in your door so that you can see tiny elf faces peeking out. You can have designs where there are elf legs dangling out. This will add a bit of whimsy to your home entrance.

You can have a jungle bell garland along

The railing of your porch or even along the door frame. When you have it around the door frame, there will be a gentle sound of bells every timesomebody opens the door and this will create a magical experience for guests. You can choose traditional Christmas colours or have a theme with a unique colour palette for the entire house. Another fun idea for the entrance is to have an elf-inspired doormat. This will have the curled elf shoes to make it look like one has gone inside. You can even have a bit of faux snow around the shoe and some footsteps coming up from the porch to the front door. There are personalised elf themed welcome signs that you can add to the front door. You can have your family mane on it with a festive greeting. There can be elf illustrations on it. This will help put your own spin on the Christmas décor and you can incorporate your children’s names and have them involved in colouring the sign.

You can transform existing elements into décor.

One such example is the mailbox. You can attach a scarf, elf ears or hats to the mailbox to make it more festive. You can even have a small basket filled with candy hanging from the mailbox so that anyone passing by can help themselves. You can even have a few elf figurines with their arms reaching into the candy basket and some having armfuls of candy to add a fun element. You can have the front door decorated with an oversized bow and you can attach tiny jungle bells to this as well. You can transform your landscape by having elf hats and twinkling lights on the greenery. You can even drape fairy lights around the door frame with a few elf figurines holding one end of the lights.

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