Differences Between Wired and Wireless Speakers

I love my wireless speaker. I recently bought it for myself as a Christmas gift when I was abroad in Indonesia, but I didn’t really know the difference between a wired speaker and a wireless one.  To be frank, I bought my speaker using its name as a reason to pick between the two. That’s all I knew about it. A wired speaker had wires, while wireless speakers didn’t have any wires. Well, I was wrong. There are many more differences between the two

You shouldn’t be like me. Do you already know whether you want a wired or wireless speaker? It’s fine if you don’t right now. If you’re looking to pick between one, you should probably know more about them. Guess what? You’re in the right place. Its been 5 years since I got my pair and my sister has her own, wired speakers. Through my experience with both, I would like to think I’m fit to judge the two. I’ll be discussing that with you today.

Ok, So Why A Wireless Speaker?

Like I said, its name gives you a certain glimpse as to what it does. It is wireless, but not really. They connect wirelessly to the device you want to play music to, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. But frankly, some of these speakers need a cord attached to the power supply to work. Like I said, this is the case for ‘some’ of them. Not all, even so, this is obviously less invasive even if it does not completely eliminate the use of wires. Because of this, your family, friends or even pets are less in danger. With the lack of clutter, risk of safety hazards very much eliminated.

However, this must be said. There are obvious cons, such as the cost. Wireless speakers are renowned for being more expensive than their wired counterparts. Continuously, many people say wired speakers have a superior audio quality, but I’ve never witnessed this with my JBL Wireless speakers

Ok, Now What About Wired Speakers?

As mentioned, many report that wired speakers boast of greater resolution in audio quality. This is certainly the case if you compare two mid-range devices between the two. However, what if you have a pair of flagship speakers to compare? The difference in audio resolution may not be that clear, or even noticeable at all. But, the price difference between the two mid-rangers may be drastic. One may be double the other’s price.

Unfortunately, you could leave with money flushed down the drain. You walk into your local tech store and happily pick up your brand-new wired speakers. But, you don’t know a very important piece of important. You need to buy a speaker that matches the voltage of your amplifier. This can lead to a dangerous situation waiting to happen.

The differences are in, have you made a choice? Hopefully, this article guided you in making the right decision. Hope you have fun with your new sound experience. You’ll love it!

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