Furniture Essentials for Living Room

You have just moved into your new place. The next step is personalising your space and give it a homely loo. This includes buying the right kind of furniture, designing on the decorations and the interior style. But first, what are the right kind of furniture you will need in your living room? Since this is the first thing any guest will see when they enter your home, it has to be well decorated and furnished. Take a look at the following list to see the essential furniture pieces you will have to include in your living room.

A Couch

This goes without saying. A couch is a must in any living room. Couches are something you will often see in living rooms. Couches come in various designs and you can pick whatever the style or colours you think is the best matched with the rest of your interior décor. A couch can also add a little bit of cosiness to your living space allows close interaction with others and is the best piece of furniture if you are someone who is outgoing. Especially for family gatherings or a girls’ night with your close’s friends, a couch is a great addition.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a great piece that combines functionality with decoration. These can be used to hold your tea or coffee, food, and other personal items. So from holding your food and drinks on movie nights to placing candles, remote controllers, the books you are reading at the moment, newspapers and magazines to holding out decorative items like a flowers vase or a souvenir you’ve picked from your last vacation, coffee tables are great additions to your living rooms.

A Media Stand

If you love watching the TV, then a media stand has to be in our furniture shopping list. Not only does this give you space to place your TV, and other devices such as sound devices or DVD player, it also gives you additional storage space to store other items such as your DVDs, video games and controllers. If you want some additional storage space in your living room, you can always choose a TV stand with a few extra shelves or cupboards.

Side Tables

Side tables will provide you some extra space to hold out items that you cannot store in shelves or cupboards. For example, thing such as lamps that you use for reading can be laced on side tables. If you feel like side tables clash with your décor, you can always invest in one of the modern console tables out of the many number of designs you see in the market. When placed strategically, they also provide a place to place your keys or handbags.

Accent Chairs

These are great additions to living room space, especially if you are trying to manage a living room that is very large. These chairs can balance the additional space and will also give extra seating. Accent chairs are the best to sit and have a friendly chat with someone or to snuggle into and read your favourite book or magazine.

Choosing right kind of furniture for your living room will help you to bring out the best of your house. A well decorated living room is the perfect way to impress your guests too.

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