How To Start A Consulting Agency?

Having enough knowledge and experience in a certain field to be able to start a consulting agency could possibly be the peak of your career! You’ll be your own boss, you can bring in your own clients and people will actually pay to hear what you have to say! But the world of consulting is not as glamorous as it seems. As most careers where you spend a lot of time face-to-face with clients, it can take up quite a bit of your energy. But here’s everything you need to prepare yourself for if you want to start one yourself.

Unpleasant People

Consulting is a face-to-face business. As such, you’re going to come into contact with a lot of people. Some of these people are just going to have rotten attitudes- and if you can’t handle people with shoddy attitudes then consulting may not be the right career for you. This field requires a lot of patience. As you work on building your reputation and credibility, you’ll find that not every client has to be worth working with but till you get there you’ll have to just suck it up sometimes.


Since you need to have a lot of patience when working in consulting, you also need to be very careful about who you recruit because they will be representing you and your business. Since you’ll undoubtedly need to be focusing your attention on your clients, it’s best that you hire a recruitment agency London UK to give you the best candidates for the job.


Never forget that the one thing you specialize in is knowledge. You have something that most people don’t, and clients will pay to hear that from you. So even when dealing with a client that you usually have to walk on eggshells around, don’t shy away from saying what you have to say. Nothing is worse than a consultant who doesn’t lay out all the cards on the table. You being able to do so reflect on the quality of your service.


A common mistake you’ll find in the field is that beginners tend to charge far less than they should. Remember this rule- always charge more than you think you should. It’s a matter of mind games here. If you’re a consultant that charges more, potential clients will see you as someone who has more knowledge/ is more superior in one way (this is much like the difference between branded and normal clothing- they both have the same functional use but one is clearly more hyped and valued than the other). By being more expensive, you’ll attract the right caliber of clients- the ones who are willing to dish out the money.

Appearance And Personality

Lastly, you need to remember that you’re not just selling knowledge- you’re selling yourself. How else will people being to realize your worth and trustworthiness if you don’t prove it from the start. Start with your appearance and make sure it’s impeccable from head to toe. Then work on your rapport building skills because people won’t take advice from people they don’t trust.

If you understand these facts, then you’re ready to step into the world of consulting.

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