Making the Most of Small Spaces with Simple Design and Set-Up Tips

Home is where the heart is, which means that it should be as comfortable and inviting as possible, based on whatever you think this means to you of course. What matters is that when you get home, it feels like home. However, some of us struggle with small spaces, which can be frustrating. With new-age design techniques and tips though, this is becoming less of an issue, and in fact an interesting challenge for most. On that note, here are a few simple, straightforward ways in which you can make a difference and maximize on the limited space you have.

Light Colours

Much as you might like the gloom of darker colours, when dealing with small spaces you have to compromise. Using dark colours in small spaces will only make them look smaller, which will just make everything feel very cramped. You need to focus on light colours. Though white’s the best option, if you’re not a fan of it, you can always go for light greys, cream and yellow. Basically, any shade you like is fine, just remember to keep it light.

Streamlined Set-Up

This means that everything in the given space should be well outlined; in other words, no clutter. Even what sort of bedroom furniture you opt for plays a role here. You don’t want a bed that barely fits, or a bed that fits but doesn’t leave any room for you to walk or keep anything else. It’s all about being practical and logical, which aren’t things we’re typically inclined to do, but can help avoid a lot of complications down the line. Look for options that aren’t too bulky, but meet all the requirements you’re looking for. You can also mix-n-match, so you can strike a balance between the two.

Work Upwards

Instead of filling up floor space which you probably have very little of, use wall space. So if for example you need more storage space, think of creative ways in which you can incorporate a cupboard for the purpose artfully up along the wall. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference this can make. You can even include a few decorative items right on top to give it a bit of personality as well. Think out-of-the-box and instead of buying shelves outright, you can get them tailor-made, which is sensible for spaces that aren’t conventional and therefore don’t have ready-made shelves available.

Multi-Purpose Items

We live in the digital age, and that means we now have things with multiple functionalities in one unit. Aside from being incredibly convenient, they’re also just as equally efficient, and can be so useful in a setting such as this. Think sofa beds for instance; they’re versatile, serve different purposes, and are great space savers. If you have company staying over and don’t have a spare room, no problem. There are many other options just like this that are ideal for small spaces, but of course you’d need to hunt around for the best deals.

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