Reasons Why You Need A Sewage Pumping Station

Wastewater and sewage pass through a network of pipes called the sewage system to the main sewer. Traditionally, this system works by relying on gravity to let the sewage flow into the main sewer. However, there are some cases when the gravity method is not applicable to existing sewage system. It could be that the main sewer is higher than the residential sewage system, making it impossible for the sewage to flow freely into the main sewer. This is when a sewage pumping station comes in handy.

In a sewage pumping station, a wet well serves as the reservoir for all the sewage waste coming from one or a group of houses. The sewage stays there until it reaches a certain level that kick starts the sewage pump. An impeller will pressurize the sewage, pushing it up and out the wet well into the main sewer without the help of gravity.

Sewage pumping stations are applicable for low lying areas where in the main sewer sits higher than the domestic sewage pipes. It is also a more convenient option if the gravity sewage system isn’t established in that area yet. Read more here for additional information about when you need to have a sewage pumping station.

Pros of Having a Sewage Pumping Station

Using a sewage pumping station has lots of advantages. First, it functions automatically, making it a more hygienic option since operators don’t need to open the sewage to turn the pump on anymore. Operators are updated and alerted on the current status of the pumping station via remote monitoring systems.

There are also plenty of pump sizes to choose from depending whether it will be used for residential or commercial purposes. There is also lesser possibility of blocking in a sewage pumping system because of wider pipes and impellers or grinders to handle solid waste. The possibility of overflowing is also minimized when a sewage pumping station is used because of its automatic alarm system that alerts the operators immediately if there are problems in the system.

Aerial view to sewage treatment plant. Grey water recycling. Waste management in European Union.

Cons of a Sewage Pumping Station

There is not much disadvantages when using a sewage pumping station. However, it can cost you more when it comes to electricity and installation. With proper care and maintenance, your investment on a sewage pumping station is generally worth it.

Be sure to conduct regular inspections to see if there are fat or grease building up in the system since it can affect the efficiency of the pumping station. If there are any issues, don’t hesitate to contact your trusted pump company to help you out in proper maintenance and repair as well as choosing the right type and size of pump that perfectly suits your needs.

Investing in a sewage pumping station is definitely a great choice to keep your home sanitation at its best. Consult a professional to get expert advice on what kind of sewage pumping station you’ll need and to get the right installation process.

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