Simple Yet Effective Exercises That Indirectly Helps the Environment

One of the greatest freedoms for human beings is the ability to exercise for the sake of exercising to gain greater holistic good health. One thing that remains true in this idea of exercising is that as much as it develops the physical aspect it also pushes to develop the personal and individual aspect of a person. This stronger sense of having control of the self to gain a degree of betterment actually has a positive impact to the greater environment. Here are some of the exercises that creates a positive effect for the environment.


Hiking is one of the most basic forms of exercise there is. You actually do not need anything in doing that exercise, you just need to trod along and take that next step, one can actually do it along the way to work. You can park farther so you can take that extra step towards your office.

As people become more health conscious many people have now formed hiking groups to encourage each other ditch machine-powered vehicles and take that extra stride for health and for the climate as well. With the rise of hiking and jogging communities, companies and other groups has actually used this as a carbon offset enterprise for their groups, which is pretty amazing.


Cycling helps create healthy physique by training the muscles for endurance especially on long routes. Not only does it help in forming up muscles but it also helps in pushing the heart to pump more blood on area of the body, thus sending more oxygen and nutrients to other parts, that is why people who does regular cycling looks physically younger than those who done and that is quite true on many accounts because their blood and oxygen level and pretty well distributed all around the body. The cycling community actually helps by encouraging people to use a bicycle to go to work for at least twice a week, this lessens pollutions caused about by cars in the road.


This exercise helps people attain a sense of balance and harmony within the self, and the positive feeling and vide actually reverberates from within towards the outside, and this actually creates a well-balance persona and a healthy lifestyle and sense of being for yoga practitioners.

One thing that yoga also promotes is the forming of core muscles that helps maintain strength in the upper body and abdominal area. Yoga also creates a keen sense of discipline and consciousness in a person, these characteristics are the very core attributes of a person who wants to make a difference for the environment. It seems that exercise creates the discipline that people need to combat climate change.


One of the latest trends in exercise came from Europe is called plogging. This is jogging or hiking but the goal of such activity is not to cover as much area and distance but rather the aim is to collect as much volume of garbage picked-up and collected and disposed along the way. This is hitting two birds with one stone, one can become healthy and at the same time help the environment as well.

It follows that what is good that is nurtured in the heart will eventually yield something that is positive, healthy, and beautiful.

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