The Latest Survival Guide for Your Restaurants

This pandemic is a whole new level of a shocking incident. Such is the virus that it has brought everything near to a halt across the globe. From public transports to groceries and even parks, everything is affected. While everyone being home amid the curfews and lockdown, the most impacted business sector is the restaurant industry.

The restaurants have blown off with this negative impact of COVID-19. Many outlets have reduced the number of employees and faced a temporary shut-down due to a lack of sales. In most countries, the restaurants that were closed during the pandemic have permanently shut-down now, losing the legacy of generations.  

Restaurant owners don’t have time to wait for the right moment. They have to act immediately to maintain a sustainable business. Let’s begin from here.

Simple actions restaurants can take to survive

Employee care

Restaurants need to look after their existing labour, instead of taking their job away. They need to provide a sufficient supply of personal protecting gear, and as well as implement strict safety measures. Managers need to be more flexible with working shifts and hours, more than ever. If the employees are unsatisfied, it affects the overall performance of the restaurants.


Despite the safety measures, many customers are reluctant to enter the premises. Hence, they prefer to do takeout. Therefore, restaurants have to facilitate the choice of takeout and drive-thru. Employees must practice electronic transactions to avoid bacterial spread through money.

Also, the restaurant should implement delivery options for a smooth service to the customers. To do so, the restaurant should have an online store from which the customers can order.  

The company can decide on either of the business models

  • Platform to Customers- There are many existing delivery partners a business could tie-up with for delivering. These platforms display the products to the customer. Upon confirmation, the platform places and order at the restaurant. Then the driver picks-up the food and delivers. Example- UberEATS
  • Restaurant to Customers- The customer directly connects to the restaurant on their online app. In this case, the businesses have their delivery boys.

Things to remember when setting up an app for food delivery:

  • It should have a user-friendly interface. The navigation should be simple, with the availability of deals, promotions, and offers.
  • Ensure secure payment methods. The details entered should not fall into the trap of third-parties. Also, allow various options for payments. It could be using bonus points or cash on delivery.
  • Enable live tracking option.
  • Allow the customers to choose the drop-off method, such as; meet at the car, drop at the door, or drop in hands.
  • Push up products that are similar and most preferred by the customers.
  • Ensure the restaurant meets the safety guidelines

Consumers want independency and simplicity of the process. So, these are the prime features for one of the best online ordering app for restaurants. Customers enjoy the freedom to order online, at any given time, from any location. Thus, the app should also be reliable. 

Consumer satisfaction

All of them, legit, everyone is paranoid. Hence, the restaurants must provide peace of mind. Suppose they are opting for the dine-in option, the business should assure with full transparency that the area is safe and disinfected. It should be kept clean and sanitized.

Also, there should be strict guidelines to wear a face-mask and wash the hands. Furthermore, the setting of the tables should be away from one another to maintain social distancing.

The magnitude of this negative impact is immeasurable. Though, luckily few restaurant owners have managed to cope up with the situation. They have implemented techniques and methods to survive this pandemic and the aftermath.

However, the on-demand apps for food delivery can be a useful tool to assure the safety of the consumers; by providing them their delicious meals at their doorstep.

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