Tips for Choosing a Kindergarten School

Selecting a kindergarten school is an important milestone for parents and the children. This is the foundation of your child’s academic as well as social development. There are many options available so you can compare these according to different factors.

You need to understand your philosophy when it comes to education.

Think about which teaching methods you align with and what values you want your child to grow up with. Some kindergartens will have a play based approach while others will have a more structured approach. You as the parent will have good idea of what is best for your child based on their personality and aptitude so this is s decision you need to make in the beginning. There are also combinations of these approaches. Consider the location of the kindergarten school Altona and whether that is accessible to you. It can be convenient if it is located closer to your home or work so that the commute is considerably shortened. This will make a smooth transition for your child as well. Other factors you need to consider are whether there is adequate parking at the kindergarten facility and what type of drop off and pick up procedures they have.

You need to visit the school

So that you can get an idea of the physical environment that your child will be spending time at. You need to check whether the classrooms are maintained properly and if the play areas are age appropriate. You need to consider the safety of these environments. There should be adequate outdoor space that your child can play in to their heart’s content. Check whether these areas stimulate their senses and whether there are age appropriate toys they can play with. You can also check the variety of the learning materials available so that they have a well-rounded kindergarten experience. You can actually shortlist a few kindergarten schools for the visit. And to shortlist them, you can consider curriculum and teacher qualifications. Check the experience o the staff when it comes to young children and how they are able to maintain a nurturing environment that educates young minds.

You can learn more about the educational backgrounds of the teachers

When you go through the official website of the kindergarten. This will show their training and experience. The teacher to student ratio is also an important factor to consider. When you choose a kindergarten with a smaller class size, this means your child will get more individualised attention and support. This can be so important in their early years. You can learn about the curriculum on the official website as well. Consider what their philosophy and approach to teaching is and the particular subjects covered in the curriculum. This will give you an idea whether it sufficiently promotes the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of the child. Check whether the kindergarten promotes parental involvement so that a collaborative community is created. You can ask whether they have volunteer programmes, parent teacher conferences etc.

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