Tips To Avoid Snake Bites

We hear deaths being reported due to various reasons like road accidents, heart diseases, respiratory diseases, malaria and stroke as well. Out of all these common causes of death, snake bites are one of the reasons which tops the list.

Bites caused by venomous snakes has become a common problem to deal with nowadays. Because even a bite from a harmless snake can be a serious threat leading to an infection. Snake bites can also lead to swelling, allergies and paralysis too.

So, despite of being unsure whether the bite was from a venomous or a harmless snake, it is always better seek for medical guidance immediately. Because the time we waste could lead the patient to a physical or even a mental disorder later on. Snake bites are increased in the monsoon season due to heavy rains, which may result in big floods.

So, there is a huge probability of snake bites occurring at the night time, mostly on people sleeping who are used to sleep on the floors. Now we will look into few important tips which could be followed in order to get protected by snake bites and to avoid them.

Never touch or disturb a snake

This is one of the most important safety measures everyone should follow to prevent from snake bites. Because snakes possess a special ability of pretending like they are dead, even if they are not. They use their hidden position to attack their prey surprising it and kill it no time. Never misjudge their stillness or the dead like behaviour, because most of the times they will be pretending it. So, it is always better to avoid the interaction with snakes.

Being cautious

You should always be cautious despite of the fact you are travelling somewhere outside or even you are at your own garden. Because snakes are creatures which are very hard to see. They could be hiding behind rocks, logs or even behind big bushes. So, you should be very careful when picking up rocks and even when roaming through big bushes because there is probability of you disturbing a snake accidently.

Having snake handling tools

This is one of the important tips you should follow to avoid snake bites. Because you never know when you will be facing danger because of a snake. So, having some snake handling tools is always better. It will be a great assist when dealing with snakes.

A snake bag may be useful to transport a snake. You could hold it comfortably without letting it get out. And objects like snake tongs, snake hooks and snake tubes are some other useful snake handling tools which are very useful.

These are the few important tips you should be following in order to prevent snake bites. Because snakes are venomous creatures which are very harmful. So, it is always better to be aware of your surroundings, avoid journeys through bushy areas and follow precautions as soon as possible to be protected from snake bites.

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