Types of Underwear for Men

Shopping for underwear can sometimes be challenging. Even when you know your body type and the size you want, there are still a lot of options and types of underwear that you have choose from. But how to make sure that you are purchasing the right type for the right occasion? Take a look at the following tips to find out.


Briefs come in different designs and is owned by most men. Briefs leave the legs and the upper thins exposed and are both comfortable and easy to wear with anything. There are a few different types of briefs depending on their use. Low rise briefs are those that sit below the natural waistline. These ae ideal to wear with low rise jeans shorts. If you are looking for something to wear with dress pants or even regular cult jeans, then opt for midrise briefs. For high-waist pants, high rise briefs are the best option.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are the best kind of underwear to protect you from chaffing during workouts and other sports. They usually come with a midrise waist. They provide support similar to a brief but provide more coverage. You can wear these with your workout clothes or gym shorts. They are also good for everyday wear and can be worn with jeans and pants as well.


Another type of underwear that you can have for everyday use is mens boxer shorts. They are loose fitting underwear and just like briefs, come in many designs. Although boxers offer no support, theyprovide maximum breathability than any other type. There are relaxed fit boxers that you can wear it baggy pants and shorts. These are baggy underwear that allows more leg movement. Slim fit boxers are those that can be worn under slim cut pants or tailored pants.


A trunk is something between a brief and a boxer brief but has offers shorter leg coverage and has a square cut appearance. They are also becoming one of the popular choices of underwear for men. This is because they can be worn with almost anything. Therefore, you can use them for everyday wear, dressing up for an occasion and even for going out. These can even be worn for sports where you don’t have to exert yourself much.


Looking for the right underwear to wear during rigorous sports? Then here is the solution for you. These support complete support and cover in front but do not cover backside. This is the best type of underwear to wear with attire such as uniforms, tight pants and bike shorts. If you are participating in sports like sparring or martial arts, these are the best underwear type to choose.

Long Underwear

Best type to wear during cold weather, these types underwear are popular for its thermal qualities. They are available for both men as well as women and they come in various types of fabrics. They do not retain moisture which makes them perfect for cold days.

Now that you know the purpose and qualities of each type of underwear, you can choose exactly what you want without having any worries.

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