What Makes a Reliable Outboard Engine?

Ensuring your outboard engine is reliable makes all the difference from a fun and enjoyable day out at sea to a matter of life and death situation. A strong and durable boat hull and a reliable outboard engine should be your major concern when you look for a boat.

Determining if a boat has a strong hull is easier than checking if an outboard engine is reliable. Knowing what to ask the seller about the engine would make it easier for you to determine whether the engine is reliable or not.

Fuel Efficiency

A fuel-efficient engine would not only mean you are spending less money on fuel, but it is also good for the environment. When you look for outboard motors for sale, inquire about the fuel injection system which could tell you whether the engine is fuel-efficient. If the engine is fuel-efficient, you would not need to spend a lot of money on fuel every time you go for a boating trip.

High Horsepower

If you want to go far, a reliable outboard engine with high horsepower is your best bet. Older models with high horsepower tend to be bulkier and heavier but with the innovation in today’s technology, outboard engines with high HP now come in a more lightweight model. Of course, you should not just pick an engine with high horsepower, it should be appropriate to the size of your boat.

Quiet Engine

When you purchase a reliable outboard engine, opt as well for a quiet one especially if you would be using the boat for fishing purposes or to rest and relax. No matter how reliable the engine is if it defeats the purpose of what you planned to do with it, it’s not a worthy purchase. How would you be able to catch some fish if your boat’s engine is making a lot of rackets? And how would you be able to relax if it feels like you are sitting down beside a construction site?

Digital System

Not all are mechanical and engine savvy. Fortunately, outboard engines now come with a digital system. How is this helpful? Now, it is easier even for the most inexperienced and beginner boater to check the boat’s well-being. With the digital system, just one glance and the boat owner/user would see whether the boat’s engine is still lubricated enough, there is enough fuel, and whether if the boat is already due for an oil change.

Adequately Sized On-Board Oil Tank

The size of the onboard oil tank must hold enough fuel to last your boating expedition. It should be enough to make a two-way trip for you to safely go back to your origin point. You would not want to be stranded at sea just because the oil tank was not adequately sized to hold the fuel to make the round-trip.

Even if you already have this information, still ask around. Ask the advice of professionals to make sure that you are buying the appropriate engine for your boat.

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